Individual configuration

Individual configuration

Custom Server Solutions
meeting all your requirements

  • Branded servers from Keymachine®
  • Accommodation in a German data center
  • Redundant connection line
  • Guaranteed Support
  • Wide choice of configurations

Exceptional Internet projects need an exceptional approach. And we can make your dream come true.

Just select the desired configuration. Required amount of resources such as processor, memory, hard drives and RAID controllers, choose the right operating system and we will take care of the rest.
Tell us about your needs and we will help you to choose a server configuration created just for you.



Reliable proprietary equipment

Decide which hardware you prefer – Supermicro®, Dell®, Intel® or AMD®. We recommend branded servers - Keymachine® , they can guarantee high performance and reliability. These servers are based on Supermicro with proven energy efficient hardware. What's more, with Keymachine® servers, you get a 5-year warranty.

Operating systems and administration

You can choose among freely distributed Windows operating systems. The selected operating system determines the administration interface.


Complete freedom in the choice of hardware: the number of processors, cores, RAM and hard drives. In addition, we will install a hardware RAID controller if necessary.


The dedicated server fee includes dFlat as it is already included in the price. If necessary, we can expand the amount of traffic for you.


Data center

Your server will be located in our own, certified data center in Germany. Infrastructure equipped with the latest technology, a high level of security and redundant connection lines guarantee you an optimal level of security and fault tolerance.


We guarantee 99% availability as well as fast and quality support. In case of technical problems, you can contact our support team around the clock during the whole year.


The offer also includes server administration, which will allow you to always have the highest level of services at your fingertips. If you need any special conditions, we can take care of that!

Request an individual configuration

Specify the desired server configuration in the form below and we will contact you immediately.

Share your desires, expectations and ideas for a custom server configuration.

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We use only Keymachine® servers, which are manufactured using only branded components with high performance.More info


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