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This is Keyweb.

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our services.

The history of our company began in the late 90s with the development of the Internet and the web hosting industry. Since 1997, long-term vision, quality awareness and excellent service have been the cornerstones of our success.

We often remember the times when our company consisted of a small team managing an enterprise from 2 small office buildings. For reasons of economy, our servers were located in the USA at that time. But pretty soon it became clear to us that this model in the long term and the growing number of servers and clients is associated with more risks than benefits. Therefore, in 2000, despite the economic crisis, it was decided to switch to our own infrastructure with accommodation in Germany.

As time has shown, this decision was correct. As one of the few providers in Germany, we independently developed, planned and eventually built our data centers. In 2004, the first Keyweb data center was ready, and after 3 years the construction of the second one was completed, and recently we opened the third one. Our data centers meet the highest security standards, are checked by technical supervision and are monitored and controlled around the clock.

The combination of quality equipment, direct customer contact and reliable support has made Keyweb a real gem in the web hosting world and has grown its customer base thanks to our customer recommendations and positive reputation. We have evolved further and been innovators in many aspects that are now standards in the hosting market.

We were not the first to launch our own server. But we were among the first to produce our own machines. Undoubtedly, it was more expensive than buying ready-made servers, but we wanted more: control over all processes for the benefit of our customers. Over 10,000 have been collected since then. Today, Keyweb AG's head office in Erfurt, Germany covers 1,500 m² and employs 35 people. We have three data centers and serve private and corporate clients around the world.

Convince yourself of the quality of our services! We do not strive to be the biggest provider, our goal is to be the best. To do this, we follow non-standard paths and often abandon mechanisms familiar to the industry - we take risks, and this is what our customers value in us, which, in our opinion, explains their trust from the company's origins to the present day. The same goes for our employees, and that's probably the point - we know each other. And you can trust us with your data.

With best wishes

Keyweb AG

Company membership

The Environmental Association of the Internet Industry of Germany has over 700 members and is the largest Internet Industry Association in Europe. The objectives of the organization are to represent the interests and promote all businesses that operate on or with the help of the Internet. The association represents the interests of enterprises in political dialogue, promotes the development of new technologies and infrastructure and influences market conditions.

DENIC is the central registrar of all domains in the .de zone

The RIPE Network Coordination Center is subordinate to the open IP-Netzwerk-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Réseaux IP Européens. He is responsible for the distribution of IP addresses and AS numbers, as well as the operation and further development of the Whois database in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. The goal of the RIPE community is the technical and organizational coordination of the Eastern European network.

EURid is a non-profit organization dedicated to the operational and technical work of the .eu zone domains.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public legal self-governing organization. It represents the interests of member companies at the level of communes, local land and state administration. In order to strengthen the economy, IHK provides support to companies and improves the conditions of the location of production and the economic strength of individual regions.

Technological cooperation

Our hosting products are based exclusively on Keymachine® branded servers, which are assembled using proven, energy efficient and high performing components according to our needs. Through close cooperation with Keymachine®, we have a direct influence on our dedicated hosting servers: from sourcing, assembly to maintenance - all for the highest quality and maximum performance.

Intel® Corporation is a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer renowned for its superior technology and innovative products. With its Intel® Core™ technology and the Intel® Xeon™ processors built on top of it for the twin server system, Intel® is the undisputed benchmark for superior processor performance and power efficiency. That's why Keyweb equips all server hosting products with Intel® microarchitecture.

Cisco Systems Inc. offers a full range of network equipment. Switches, routers and Core-Technologien form a fundamental part of our network connectivity. High quality standards and reliabe development are the key to our trust in the Cisco brand and their products.

Odin (formerly Parallels) develops software and virtualization systems for servers and workstations. After a virtualization tool for Microsoft Windows and Linux, Webserver-Configurationstool Plesk is the most user-friendly

Microsoft is known as a leading software and hardware manufacturer. The Microsoft operating system for PCs and servers is widely used around the world.

Linux is an operating system kernel that was developed in 1991. Since then, the Linux kernel has been used for many operating systems. Colloquially, the name Linux also extends to Linux distributions and Linux-based systems.

openSUSE-Distribution is a free operating system that is especially widely used in Germany. The developers of this program aim to create a multifunctional operating system for a wide group of consumers, stable, simple and easy to use.

Debian belongs to the Open-Source group of programs. This free and free operating system is based on the GNU projects under the General Public License and Linux.

FreeBSD® is a free operating system for servers, desktops and, thanks to its large community, is one of the largest Open-Source projects in the world. The program is constantly being refined and developed, which makes it one of the most reliable operating systems to date.

Ubuntu is one of the most famous and commonly used Linux distributions. This operating system is considered very convenient to use, easy to install and operate.

CORE is a non-profit organization that maintains an extensive database of domain names, and as a result, membership in this organization guarantees access to a common Whois-Server structure.