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Dear friends, KeyWeb continues to delight with special offers and bonuses! In honor of the worldwide popular Black Friday, Keyweb offers you a discount on CloudVM for S3 - S10 tariffs. And in order for you to make an informed decision, we do not limit the duration of the promotion to one day!


Hello, friends!

In this difficult time for business and all of us, we want to present you with a reliable foundation for your project or infrastructure that will save you money and time.


In the life of any business, there are situations in which it is necessary to quickly restrict access to information of the enterprise, whether it be a force majeure situation or a standard work schedule.

The Red Button service provides operational management of access to your data via Telegram and Viber instant messengers.
Our developers have implemented this service based on your ideas and suggestions - for which we are very grateful to you, our customers.



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