Service Level Assurance (SLA)


We guarantee
the highest level of service!

Dear Clients,

To transparently and clearly reflect the scope of our services and services, these Service Level Agreements have been developed. The formulated criteria will serve as a guarantor of the quality of Keyweb services.

Service levels:

  • General level of service
  • Managed Hosting Service Level

In addition, upon request, an individual service level agreement can be prepared according to your requirements.

€0 / month
Availability of technical support 24*7*365
Technical support response time no more than 60 minutes
100% compensation in case of platform unavailability
Support in the ticket system, phone, chat, email
Complete control
Ensuring the health of the platform
€19 / month
Availability of technical support 24*7*365
Technical support response time no more than 30 minutes (average for the last month: 4 minutes)
Compensation in case of unavailability of the platform in 5 times the amount
Support in Viber and Telegram
Customization to customer needs

* - Prices include 19% VAT, provided that the services are subject to VAT in Germany.

Cost of one-time work

If the works are not included in the service package, the following cost is set for them

Remote Hand of Data Center Engineer (15 minutes)29 euro
Issuing and installing an SSL certificate5 euro
Setting up the mail server (using the control panel and configuring DNS)30 euro
Connecting Cloudflare CDN10 euro
"Easy start" (DNS setup, server Web environment setup according to CMS requirements, multiple PHP versions setup, site transfer)from 15 euro

* - Prices include 19% VAT, provided that the services are subject to VAT in Germany.

General Service Level Agreement.

This agreement is valid for all Keyweb customers without exception and covers basic services.

Provision of services

We strive to ensure that the ordered services are provided to customers as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

We guarantee the following terms of activation of ordered services:

  • Domains: on the day of the order, if the order is placed on a working day (before 12.00)
  • Root Virtual Server: within one business day
  • Root Dedicated Server: within 3-10 working days
  • Cloud Server: within 3-5 business days
  • Mac Mini Server: within 1-3 business days

The volume and technical parameters of the provided hosting services are regulated by the characteristics of each specific product. After the end of the paid service period, the service instance is deleted, including user data

Communication methods

The main point of contact for customers with any questions is our customer service. Requests can be sent by e-mail, telephone, telefax, mail and through the ticket system in the client area. Orders for new products are placed through the order form on the home page. In addition, you can also get answers to questions about our products in our online chat.

Our staff will advise you by phone on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00. Emails and advisory tickets will be answered within a few hours during business hours, but no more than 24 hours on business days. Requests are not processed on weekends. All requests from customers will be processed as soon as possible.

You can find up-to-date information about the methods of communication and service time on our page in the Contact information tab.

Information and technical support

The services we provide are accompanied by technical support. In addition, we will be happy to answer your individual questions and help you solve problems if it is within our power.

Information support implies obtaining background information about the services provided, the company's products, the company's rules of operation, as well as issues related to mutual settlements and documentary support.

Information and technical support is provided through the ticket system in the client area, email, phone, online chat, online chat and via Telegram and Viber instant messengers.

Our staff will advise you by phone on weekdays from 08:00 to 20:00 CET.
Technical support during non-working hours processes requests for unavailability of services. Service unavailability means:

  1. for services with a basic administration package - server persistence over the network, server unavailability via ip-kvm, or no-vnc console, if these interfaces are provided within the service provided, as well as requests related to hardware hardware failures, which are confirmed by data from system logs
  2. for services with administration packages Standard and Premium - inaccessibility of the web server, DNS server, ftp server, control panel or remote access to the server

If unavailability is associated with blocking due to non-payment for the service, such requests are processed by the accounting department during business hours.

Requests for unavailability of the service must be made in the section “Unavailability of the service”

All other technical support requests are processed on weekdays from 08:00 to 20:00 CET.

Service Availability

The level of availability of the services offered is on average 99.9% per year. Keyweb measures the level of availability of the mentioned services with the help of measuring installations inside and outside its own network and checks the functionality and quality of the hardware with the help of 24x7 monitoring systems.

We guarantee the average availability of the services offered for the year at the level of 99%. During the scheduled annual work, the service is considered provided.

If the minimum availability level specified in the concluded agreement is not provided, client funds will be recalculated.

Data center

Our data centers are located in the center of Germany - to ensure reliable hosting made in Germany.

Our data centers are powered by regenerative electricity produced from renewable sources.

Servers are located in data centers, each of which is equipped with air conditioning, fire safety, access control and reserved power supply systems. An extensive, multi-layered, gigabit network connection guarantees you a first-class and reliable connection to the Internet.

When maintaining and assembling servers, we use only high quality components (eg Cisco routers, Intel® processors, etc.) to minimize the risk of failures.

We guarantee your emails extensive server-level virus and spam protection based on proprietary protection systems and reliable software.

Carrying out planned work

Regular scheduled maintenance serves to improve the performance and stability of services, as well as to maintain the health of the infrastructure. For these works, a time frame is specified in which periodic, scheduled and unscheduled work will be carried out on the devices of Keyweb and its suppliers. Possible interruptions in the availability of services caused by these works are not considered as downtime, the service is considered to be provided.

Planned works affecting or interrupting customer services will be announced at least 7 days in advance. As a rule, these works will be carried out at night between 01:00 and 06:00 hours (+1GMT). In exceptional cases, these works can also be carried out at any other time, while maintaining a minimum impact on the current work.

Violation of the agreement

If the guaranteed level of availability is not reached, Keyweb provides compensation to the client. The request for compensation must be sent by the client within 14 calendar days after the expiration of the calendar month for which compensation must be provided, in writing by mail or telefax. The date of the application is the postmark or the date of receipt of the fax

The amount of compensation is determined by the period of interruption in work. Compensation for violation of the service level agreement is 1/30 of the monthly cost of the affected service for every half hour of violation of the provided warranties, up to a maximum of 50% of the monthly rental cost.

Remarks and exceptions

We make every effort to avoid breakdowns and interruptions in work. But these guarantees do not apply to force majeure situations defined in the company's rules.

Keyweb is only responsible for those breaches of the SLA that are within its area of responsibility.

Keyweb is not responsible for any interruptions resulting from:

  1. Force majeure;
  2. Debts of the client, his employees or accomplices;
  3. Unavoidable damage to the integrity of the service provided due to changes that have been made at the request of the client or in accordance with legal guidelines and regulations;
  4. Planned work carried out by Keyweb.

Further claims against Keyweb, especially for compensation for indirect and consequential damages, such as lost profits, production downtime, loss of data and information, etc., are only possible within the scope of liability, according to the rules of Keyweb.

In addition to the SLA, Keyweb's policies apply.

Invalidity of certain provisions of the contract (SKY)

If certain provisions of this agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect. Instead of an invalid condition, the parties conclude a new one through negotiations.


Requests There is no interruption in work. The client seeks advice.
Break time Outage time means the time period in minutes during which the service was not provided due to a problem that was not caused by the client.
Availability Availability is the percentage of one month or year that the service has not experienced an outage. Formula: Availability (%) = 100 * ((Agreed Service Time - Unscheduled Service Outages) / Agreed Service Time)
Troubleshooting The time period during which the problem is fixed.
Malfunction The availability of the affected service or service is partially affected.
Breakdown / Emergency The affected service or service is unavailable.
Night time The time period is from 22:00 to 06:00 (+1 GMT).
Reaction time The time period that passes from the moment a problem report / request is submitted to the technical support service until a qualified answer is given by a Keyweb employee.
Service time Includes the time during which the ordered service / server is available.