KeyManaged Service

KeyManaged –
free support
around your server.

Not all managed services are created equal.There’s a whole host of hosting offers that are called managed, but on closer inspection turn out to be anything but. For most internet service providers the term “managed” is already applied when they are supplying a web interface for setting up and configuring the server, such as is supplied with Plesk.Any type of technical support is then, however, charged separately on top.This continues to be the most common service offer around and means unexpected, incalculable costs for the customer.

As part of our KeyManaged Service, which comes free with most of our server products, you get all the necessary support that you require for a professionally managed and maintained server.All your needs and desires in terms of software installation, configuration and monitoring are performed for you by our qualified system technicians after being discussed in detail and agreed with you.In all this you have full root access at all times – naturally!

Our managed services consist of the following performance spectrum

  • 24/7/365 Support over the phone and via ticketing system
  • Server restart
  • Installation and configuration of the operating system
  • Installation of programming languages Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Installation and configuration of Firewall software such as iptables, ufw etc.
  • Installation and configuration of FTP servers
  • Installation and configuration of SMTP servers
  • Installation and configuration of SSL certificates
  • Installation and configuration of name servers
  • Installation and updates after consultation
  • Planning and installing your backup solutions
  • Monitoring your server in KCM using Nagios and free SMS notification in the event of service outages
  • Installation and configuration of applications, scripts and services
  • Support in case of problems with applications and services (in as far as is possible)
  • Support in spotting and combating security-specific risks

Furthermore we will be pleased to help you with any problems/incidents not mentioned here, if we are familiar with them.We believe that this Standard Managed Service covers the needs of the majority of our customers.For special projects and other special requirements please take a look at our Managed Pro Service.Detailed information on this service is available upon request.

The KeyManaged service is in many of our product tariffs already included.

Root Dedicated Server

High-performance server for efficient
performance and reliability

Mac OS X Server

All the power
of a real Mac from Apple.

For all other server products that are not mentioned at this point, the managed service can also be booked optionally for 9 € per month.