Your confidence in us
and our products
is our responsibility

Keyweb Geschichte

Keyweb stands for transparency, responsibility, reliability and innovative technical ideas. And therefore the quality of our products and services is much above average.

Quality customer service has been one of our most important goals for over 20 years.

Here at Keyweb we don't just make promises, we always keep them! We do not throw words to the wind, even in those rare cases when things do not go according to plan. We always make sure that customers receive first-class services and excellent service. Keyweb will never switch to a dumping pricing policy, and will not try to reduce the cost of its services to the detriment of quality.

To honor what has been acquired, to innovate and to work according to firm principles - these are the values and philosophy of the Keyweb brand.

Keyweb has been a registered trademark in Germany since October 29, 2001.
Keyweb is a registered trademark in Europe since June 18, 2014.