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We care about protection
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1. Basic provisions

Keyfinanz GmbH (trademark: highly values the privacy of its customers, so we make sure that our customers are protected as much as possible and that their personal data is used only in accordance with the law. As a German company, we comply with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as the European law on the storage and processing of personal data GDPR (General Data Protection Agreement).

The term "User" means any person who visits or otherwise uses our sites. By using the resources mentioned above, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Document.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party companies that are not owned and / or controlled by Keyfinanz GmbH, as well as to individuals who are not employees of Keyfinanz GmbH, or are not in a contractual relationship with Keyfinanz GmbH. In addition, this Privacy Policy does not apply to information posted by customers on our computing resources as part of receiving paid services. Such information is subject to the provisions of the relevant telecommunications service agreement.

2. Collection of information

  • Information you provide to us:
    • name, email address mail, postal address and zip code, payment method, phone number and password. We collect this information in various ways - for example, when you use the website or (personal account), when you purchase services from us, work with our support team or take part in surveys and marketing promotions;
    • information that we receive when you leave feedback or provide us with other information through our services or otherwise;
    • processing of personal data on the website also takes place if you have decided to enter into a contract with us via this website. In this case, the data specified by you in the contract (see above) is processed on the website. As a client, you can log in to your client area using your username and password.
  • Automatically collected information.
    We collect information about you and your use of our services, your interactions with our services, and information related to your computer or other devices that you use to access our services (such as mobile devices).
    This information includes:
    • IP address;
    • details about your interaction with the support team, such as the date, time and reason for contacting, call and chat logs;
    • your location, information obtained through cookies and other technologies;
    • when concluding a contract, we use your IP address and the characteristics of your end device (display resolution, browser version and your operating system), as well as other properties of your device, in order to recognize your return visits with a certain probability, and automatically analyze the data provided by you agreement for signs of fraudulent activity on our page. In particular, we try to prevent users from providing incorrect user data or third party data when entering into user agreements.
  • Keyfinanz uses the services of Google Analytics, Yandex Metrcis in order to analyze the effectiveness of our websites. Please read the conditions of data processing by the above-mentioned services:
  • We also receive personal data and other online and offline data from our business partners that may be required in connection with the activation, withdrawal or refund/refund under our contracts. Keyfinanz will use such data in accordance with applicable laws and in accordance with this privacy policy.

3. Use of data

We use the information associated with you in order to comply with our contractual obligations, to analyze, manage, improve our services and marketing activities, to process registration, your orders and payments, and to be able to contact you in the most convenient way for these matters.

This data is used for the following purposes:

  • respond to and process inquiries from our users, including to send documents, information about our products and services, and send emails;
  • communicate with you and provide you with appropriate service;
  • send administrative information, such as about the site and changes to our business terms and policies;
  • improve, modify and personalize the site, providing customers with information about products that best meet their expectations and needs;
  • improve or change our services, develop new products, expand our business;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns; inform users and provide them with the opportunity to participate in marketing promotions (draws, contests, etc.);
  • use for official purposes:
  • for example: analyze data, conduct audits, maintain accounting and financial records in accordance with applicable German law, monitor and prevent fraud incidents, expand and determine current trends in the use of products and services;
  • to create comprehensive analyzes with Business Intelligence tools that enable us to improve the efficiency of our business operations.

In addition, we use your personal data, if necessary:

  • in accordance with applicable law (including regulations outside your country of residence);
  • to comply with the law;
  • in case of receiving an official request from state bodies;
  • to protect our operations;
  • to protect the rights, privacy, security and property of Keyfinanz GmbH;
  • to file a complaint or limit damages.

4. Transfer of personal data

Keyfinanz GmgH has the right to transfer personal data to third parties only in cases where this is necessary for the provision of services to customers or the performance of the company's operations. In all other cases, personal data can be transferred only with the consent of their owner and subject to this Privacy Policy.

5. Security of personal data

You should be aware that any transmission of data over the Internet always carries a security risk. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fully protect your data from access by third parties. If you have any reason to believe that your interaction with us has become unsafe (for example, if you suspect a threat to your account), please immediately notify us of this in any way convenient for you. Our company follows the Privacy Policy and we do everything to protect our customers and secure their data as much as possible.

6. Access, editing and addition of personal data

If you would like to access, modify, supplement, delete, restrict the use or disclosure of your personal data stored by us, please notify us by sending an email to [email protected]. Upon receipt of the letter, we will be able to verify and process your request in accordance with applicable German law. For security purposes, when we receive requests regarding personal data, we only process data associated with the email address from which the request was sent to us.

By changing your browser settings, you can choose how your browser handles cookies. In addition, by changing the settings on your mobile device, you can control how your mobile device and mobile browser transmit data from and about your devices to us, as well as how your mobile browser handles cookies.

Please also note that we are required by law to retain certain information in order to be required to maintain records and/or conduct transactions initiated prior to receiving a request to provide access, change or delete your data. To protect you and your data, we may take reasonable steps to identify you when you request that we delete or change your data. Your request to delete data may be restricted if it results in:

  • violation by Keyfinanz GmbH of applicable law;
  • the fact that Keyfinanz will not be able to investigate, defend and provide evidence in court proceedings;
  • disclosure of confidential data of others;
  • violate trade secrets of Keyfinanz GmbH or third parties.

7. Your rights regarding this Privacy Policy

You have the right to:

  • require us to confirm that we are processing personal data related to you and, if available, the right to written confirmation about these personal data, including a detailed statement of the information in accordance with Art. 15 of GDPR;
  • request the correction of your personal data;
  • require us to delete personal data related to you for one of the reasons listed separately in Art. 17 of GDPR. However, we cannot delete data that we are required to keep for the periods prescribed by law.
  • if you wish us to never collect your data or contact you again, we will put your relevant data on a block list;
  • revoke in the future any of your prior consent without any prejudice to you;
  • require us to restrict processing for one of the reasons referred to in Art. 18 of GDPR;
  • object to the processing of personal data concerning you at any time on the basis of your special circumstances. In this case, we will no longer process personal data, unless we can present reasons that exceed your interests, rights and freedoms, or when processing is necessary for the assertion, exercise or defense of legal rights in accordance with Art. 21 of GDPR;
  • file a complaint, without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, if you consider that the processing of personal data concerning you is contrary to the GDPR.

For abovementioned questions, please email [email protected].

8. Third parties

  • Third Party Sites
    Our web page allows the user to navigate to other web resources through direct links or through other applications. A similar method works in the opposite direction - you can go to our sites from other sites. However, in this case, you need to take into account that in this situation the principles of data protection, as well as the content of other sites specified in the Privacy Policy of the site you are visiting, and not in this Document. We recommend that you read the Privacy Policy of the sites, services and applications you visit regarding the registration and use of your personal or other data. We are not responsible for the registration, use and disclosure policies and practices (including security) of other entities such as Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft or application developers and providers, social media providers, operating systems, mobile phone companies or hardware manufacturers. This also applies to all personal data that you disclose to us through/in connection with your use of apps and social media pages in relation to other companies.
  • Advertising
    To display relevant ads, we use third-party services: Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, Facebook. The advertising messages of these platforms are displayed within their advertising network while you are using them. All data collected by these systems is stored and processed on the servers of these services. We encourage you to also review the privacy policies of these parties (see links above).

9. Personal data of children

Our services are not intended for children, and Keyfinanz GmbH does not knowingly collect personal information from children. If you become aware of the use of our services and the site by children under the age of 16, which violates this Privacy Policy, please report this incident to our support team or in another way convenient for you.

10. Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. The “Effective Date” item above indicates when the last changes were made to the current Document. Changes made to the Privacy Policy come into force from the moment its amended version is published on the website. Our clients and other users of our resources will be notified by e-mail about such updates. If you use the site after such changes have been made, please refer to the current version of this document.

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