More than just green
KeyEco on KEYWEB

Keyweb branded web hosting has been around for 22 years. During this time, not only the hosting industry has changed, but also the minds of customers and service providers. An increasing number of clients and servers results in more energy consumption and, as a result, more carbon dioxide emissions. Our environment is under increasing stress. Therefore, we consider it our duty to build a company on foundations that are sustainable in the long term.

Green electricity

We use exclusively electricity from renewable energy sources. Our data centers are powered by renewable electricity generated from carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly hydropower. Thus, all Internet pages, online stores, servers and other hosting solutions from Keyweb operate on the basis of renewable energy. From an environmental point of view, electricity produced from the energy of flowing water is one of the most natural forms of generating electricity.

Saving electricity

Together with our partners, we are already implementing energy saving solutions today and achieving performance that is above the industry average. Old air conditioners have been replaced with new generation cooling systems. Now the use of "free wheel" fans with backward curved impellers under the control of an electronic system has increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption by up to 65% compared to classic 3-phase motors. In the cold season, cooling is carried out exclusively by cold air from outside, thus saving pressure energy. Using the principle of cold and hot aisles also allows you to use less and less electricity. In addition, when selecting hardware and network components, we prioritize brands that are recognized as the most energy efficient.

Renewability of resources

“Recognizing environmental values is becoming increasingly important for data center providers when planning their investments, including for Keyweb AG. Quite rightly, ISPs are also encouraged to design their solutions around the goals of maintaining and improving a positive environmental balance. Unfortunately, this topic is more and more covered up as an effective marketing and advertising step, forgetting its original values., - Frank Nowag, Chairman of the Board of Keyweb AG.



“For this reason, we chose the somewhat provocative slogan “Keyeco, more than just green” as the title of this section. Together with our partners, we want to achieve maximum results in terms of sustainability and the protection of resources, the environment and our neighbors, instead of focusing on short-term market trends.”

About THERMO-TEC® air conditioners

Thermo-Tec® GmbH is one of the largest players in the market for spot air conditioning and computing solutions thanks to its sophisticated energy efficient technologies. Thermo-Tec® has extensive know-how in the field of energy savings, and not only offers suitable solutions, but also provides targeted support to companies in the economic optimization of air conditioning systems.

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